Monday, August 07, 2006

Chicken update

The chickens continue to thrive. We're still giving them the run of the yard as we haven't had time, energy, or opportunity to build a more complete chicken enclosure and I really like having them running about (although they have now ventured as far as beyond the fence on the far side of our next door neighbors (there's no fence between us and them). Our neighbor across the creek who also had chickens moved out and took her chickens, so now we don't have those chickens as decoys for varmints going down the creek. We kind of miss the (distant) rooster crows as well. So we're still a little worried about predators.

They were roosting under the pew on the back porch so I made a little more formal setup for them using boxes and put down some bedding but apparently it didn't suit because last night they roosted on the back of the pew all night. Here they are starting their day:


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