Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chicken Update

Pullet Run/span>
The chicks have grown into pullets. In order to give them more room I've built a small chicken run for them. They now live on the back porch, rather than the screen porch. They seem to enjoy their run, which lets them scratch in the dirt, take dust baths and generally behave the way free-range chickens should behave.

The cardboard is for shade. In the afternoons we use a flattened wardrobe box to provide additional shade when the baking sun directs its whithering gaze onto their cage.

This arrangement should take them through the rest of the summer, when they should be old enough to start laying. That gives me a couple of months to get their final chicken house built.

CIMG3798I find the chickens facinating to watch and have started spending a good bit of time just sitting and watching them in the evenings after dinner (which also has the effect of encouraging Dada to play outside instead of parking in front of the TV to watch Robots).


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