Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sink Redux

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Hopefully this is one of the last construction-related blog posts. Our builder has finally replaced the sink-side kitchen counter in order to correctly install the sink as an undermount. In addition they replaced the originally-speced Grohe faucet, which failed to pass enough water (and which appears to be a design flaw as I couldn't find any way to modify or adjust it that would improve its flow rate) with one that passes more than enough water.

The removal of the old counter and installation of the new one was remarkably smooth and non-disruptive. They came in the first day, got the old counter out with very little disturbance of the backsplash or cabinets, prepared the new countertop and had that installed by the end of the first day. The next day the plumber came out and hooked everything up and they re-grouted the backsplash and kid the touchup painting.

Now we have a fully-functioning kitchen sink.

They also installed the clothes bar in the laundry room, which was in the plans but had not been done as part of the original construction.

All that's left is one remaining light fixture and the mis-located rain deflector on the back porch roof.


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