Thursday, September 15, 2005

House Progress

Main view of house
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Here are a few of the latest pictures of the house construction. Most of the exterior framing and siding work is done. They're starting on the exterior painting and the stone work for the street-side facade. They've just about got the of the screen porch roof underdecking up.

Inside they've made good progress on the HVAC ducting and water lines and have started putting in the PVC drain and vent plumbing.

The concrete stainers are scheduled to come out next monday to do test patches from which we'll choose the final colors for the interior and screen porch.




Screen porch. The picture's a bit dark but you can see that from this direction the underdecking is completely installed.


Detail of screen porch underdecking


Ground floor with ducting


Detail of caulking on exterior


View from garage (before painting started). The form in the foreground is for the concrete porch pillar, which will have a Y-shaped metal bracket from it to the front roof beam. These are the same shape, but larger, than the pillars for the carport.


Detail of the initial stone facade This is local central Texas sandstone. It will form the facade on the right side of the front (east) side of the house and on the north side between the east corner and the stairwell. Obviously they are just starting to work on putting the stone in place. The architects are very particular about the details of this stonework and will be supervising the work as it progresses. Essentially they want to ensure that the stones go from larger at the bottom to smaller at the top and form a very clean line on the right (north) side where they form a diagonal facade that juts out from the side of the house.


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