Thursday, September 01, 2005

Buy it for me, daddy

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Here's a picture of Dada playing in a chair at a store in the mall. We had gone to meet with the concrete stainer in far south Austin and were running Dada around at the Shining Mall on the Hill (otherwise known as Barton Creek Mall).

We didn't buy the chair.

The stained concrete floors are going to be pretty sweet, I think. Here's the website for the stainers: Jagger Stained and Scored Concrete.

When you say "stained concrete" I think people tend to think "oh, concrete with stains on it". But if you check the web site that's not it at all. What you get is a much more interesting effect. The stain can be in a variety of colors but it still reflects the variations in the concrete. They can also control the coloring and effects by overstaining, mixing colors, and what not. The end result can be highly polished or not. The surface is sealed and then waxed.

They can also score the concrete--we've asked to have the screen porch scored but not the main house--there's just won't be enough floor visible in the main house to make it worth the cost.

They can also do designs. We've put a compass rose in the proposal, which we plan to put in the little diagonal push-out. A little decorative accent in an otherwise simple floor treatment.


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