Thursday, February 10, 2005

We Are Here

It is 20:02 10 Feb 2005, Beijing time. I've finally made it to an Internet cafe from which I can access the Web and update the blog. Unfortunately, it appears that there's no way for me to get data onto this computer except by typing it, and I am too tired to retype the long entry about our flight and arrival that I composed last night when I couldn't sleep because of jet lag.

But I can report that our trip over was largely uneventful except for a few anxious moments waiting for Peggy to get to San Francisco and check in for the flight to Beijing.

We were met in Beijing by our Great Wall China Adoption guide Amy, who got us to the hotel and then has provide two great days of sight seeing here in Beijing.

The weather has been very clear and very cold, which has made for nice, but chilly touring. We all seem to be reasonably well rested and healthy so far.

Bill is taking lots of video and we've all been taking pictures, none of which I can upload from this cafe. Looks like I'll have to either pay the exhorbitant prices at the hotel business center or track down a Starbucks.

Tommorrow will be day 3 of our time in Beijing and we will be doing more sight seeing and shopping.

We're all having a great time.

Hopefullly I'll be able to upload some pictures before too long.


At 7:02 PM, Blogger Catherine--Eliot's Sister said...

Yay! So glad to hear you arrived safe and together. How are the New Year's festivities? Was the baggage too crazy? Miss you--thanks a lot for the update!



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