Friday, January 28, 2005

Baby Readiness Status

We are slowly starting to get the house ready for a child. Last night we put together the Ikea crib we had bought. Still to be assembled: changing table/dresser, high chair.

We have sacks of baby-proofing stuff that we need to install.

Julie is working on repainting and wallpapering in the baby's room. Peggy will be helping with that when we get back from China.

And of course the Honored Grandparents have already started innundating us with toys and clothes....


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Julia Woods said...

...and I've been going over the Packing Checklists from the adoption agency. Then I had to go lie down for awhile because they tell you not to overpack and then have you bring every. thing. possible: 50 diapers! Pediatric antibiotic eye ointment! Babyfood! Hooded babytowels! (What, they don't have TOWELS in China? Or she'll be traumatized if the towels aren't cute enough?)

I have to keep reminding myself: we're not going to the moon. They have diapers in China. In fact, they MAKE them in China. I understand they have food suitable for small children there, too. And clothes. All kinds of stuff that they'll cheerfully give you if you give them money. And we're going early so we'll have time to buy things.

Which brings us back to the First Travel Rule: bring money.


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