Sunday, February 13, 2005

Health Report

It's pre-dawn on the 14th. I couldn't sleep so I'm bringing the blog up to date.

We've been in China now since the 8th and everyone appears to be in good health. Nobody has yet gotten ill from food or water. We're all suffering a little bit of respiritory irritation from the dryness and the polution and possibly the feather pillows in our rooms, but otherwise we all seem to be in as good a health as we ever are.

Jet lag has not seemed to be much of a problem for us. I think it reflects that we all drank lots of water, that we were all relatively unstressed at the start of the travel, that we had a direct flight from SF to Beijing, and that we spent the first full day walking around in the sunshine.

I'll eat (almost) anything without fear, but there has been some concern about uncooked vegitables and fruits we haven't peeled ourselves, but we've been eating a great variety of foods, all of which has been wonderful, with no ill effects, so far [knock wood]. I've got just a little bit of that "I could be getting a cold" feeling, where my tonsile stubs get a little scratchy, but it could just be a reaction to the air quality. So I'm trying to drink a lot of water and not let myself get too tired.

Here's hoping this trend continues as we travel on to Guangzhou and the real purpose of this trip....


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