Saturday, January 27, 2007


There are a number of Dada pictures that need to be blogged but this morning when I went out to feed the chickens I discovered that the mystery trash tree just behind our back fence was full to brimming with cedar waxwings in town to feast on berries. So I rushed back inside to grab my fancy new camera and see what it could do by way of nature photography.

Turns out it did pretty well, even with the basic lens. This picture, and the other three on Flickr are all cropped out of the full shots. The pictures are remarkably sharp even though the lighting conditions were poor (it's grey and overcast this morning).

I got these shots by using Dada's playscape as a blind and a camera rest, which worked pretty well. I tried the flash but the results were too washed out. What I couldn't capture was the noise of the birds and the whoosh when they all left the tree at once.

Here's another, more dynamic shot:


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