Friday, September 15, 2006

Daddy's Takin' Us To the Zoo Tommorrow

We were in Houston last weekend because I had to make a sales call on a company that happened to be about 10 minutes from Grandma Boo's house on Monday, so we took the excuse to spend the weekend in Houston. Houston has a nice little zoo and on the drive down we mentioned that we might go to the zoo.

Big mistake.

From that point on it was "Zoo. Go zoo now. I want to go to the zoo, now".

We did make it to the zoo on Sunday and had a nice time. We got to see the monkeys, which Dada enjoys very much, a kimodo dragon (largest of the lizards), giraffes--they have a barn with these very tall thin doors that gives it a sort of Seusian aspect, a sleepy tiger, some lions, and an elephant.

We also got to ride the Herman Park train, which is one of those miniature trains--Dada loves the train. Pretty much as soon as we were inside the Zoo she was asking to ride the train. Kids.

I spent most of the trip working as I was scheduled to be in Norwalk, Connecticut on Monday evening so that I could give a demo to a prospective client at 8:30 Tuesday morning. I had had about two weeks to prepare this demo, which was critical to our chances of landing the account and for which two weeks was not enough time. This is why I haven't been blogging--I had been a bit obsessed with getting this demo implemented (I also made it clear to our V.P. of Sales that I wouldn't do that again--that level of effort is not sustainable).

Anyway, this week Gran Judy (aka "Nei Nei" [which should really be Nai Nai but things were a little confused back in China when we were working on the Mandarin terms for the different grand parents]) is here to visit Dada and watch her while Julie and I attend the Austin City Limits music festival for the next three days. I've taken this week and off and actually got to rest a little bit.

Dada is back in her Mother's Day Out program three days a week, so things will be a little more normal around here. Dada is loving gymnastics class--it's pretty much all she talks about ("I want to go to gymnastics class now"). I wish we could take her every day....


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